Sets of Crystals for Mood and Wellness

We noticed that some of our customers arrived in the store with lists of crystals they wanted to buy for Health and to link with Chakras. After talking with our customers and doing some research we have put together two of what appear to be the most popular sets of stones. All of the stones are polished and the sets come with a cloth bag so they can be kept together, in the pocket or in a place in the house. The lists of the two sets are below together with what our customers tell us is important about each stone. For many people these sets of crystals provide a powerful and positive influence over their lives.

6 stones for Mood and Health - We all need something to hold onto when times are hard. For many this is a set of seven crystals which, together help to make life worth living.

Quartz - A clear crystal of Silicon Dioxide which forms the chemical basis of many others which can be used for anything, sometimes referred to as the "Master Crystal". Healers say that they can program this crystal to heal almost any problem.

Amethyst - A rich dark purple type of Quartz which gains its color from molecules of iron caught in the crystal lattice and then being subjected to natural gamma rays in the host rocks. Another "all-purpose" crystal which is said to relieve stress and confusion, also helping with mood swings. Sometimes known as the "Traveller's" stone said to provide protection on journeys.

Aventurine - Typically a green stone but which can come in other colors. A translucent form of Quartz which gains its green, shimmering color from the inclusion of Chrome and Mica. Aventurine is said to attract true love with long and lasting friendships. Sometime also called the "Luck stone" offering good fortune and new opportunities.

Rose Quartz - The inclusions in this variety of Quartz, and which result in the gorgeous rose pink color are Titanium and Manganese. It is said to be a calming stone which helps with the forgiveness of the self and others helping the holder to move on especially after trauma. When emotionally troubled, its soothing effects are said to produce peace and tranquility.

Citrine - one of the prettiest forms of Quartz which the leading authorities on crytsal chemistry emphasize is not the result of heating Amethyst. The chemistry of the two stones are different, the color in Citrine is the result of inclusions of Aluminum in the Quartz lattice. Well known in ancient times as the "Merchant's stone" is a favorite of those who want to bring wealth and abundance into their lives. It is said to remove financial blockages and create new opportunities.

Carnelian - Also a form of Silica based mineral known as Chalcedony colored by impurities of Iron Oxide. As well as being an energy booster, the stone is said to spread joy, keeping the holder motivated, inspired and confident, ready to face up to life's adversities and win!

Each set with a bag is priced at $20