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Getting familiar with using Zoom and Google Meet has helped us to meet up with suppliers across North America and further afield. This in turn has led to the arrival of some amazing new products in the store.

Nephritic Jade´╗┐

Geologically there are two types of Jade:

  • Jadeite - the beautiful clear bright green material from southern Asia and China; and
  • Nephritic Jade - which is darker green, sometimes almost black from North America and also Russia.

We have been in contact with a mine in Canada, located just 100 miles east of the border with Alaska. The Jade is mined during the warmer Summer months, transported by Truck to a warehouse in Vancouver where it is sorted and graded. The very best quality, graded AAA is used for carving and polishing when it is then imported into the USA. We now have a supply of polished stones, carvings and pendants made from this beautiful material. we also have some "rough" Jade which has been cut into small pieces for sale. Jade is considered to be a lucky stone associated with good luck and wealth. It promotes abundance, keeping the wearer from harm.

Sheen Obsidian

Obsidian is formed when very hot lava which has a very high Silica content squeezed out from surrounding rocks and cools very quickly.  It is generally known as "natural glass". However when the hot lava comes into contacts with water before is cools, the droplets  are incorporated into the glass forming tiny bubbles which give a silver or gold sheen when seen from different angles. The sheen Obsidian are rare, but even rare is "Rainbow Obsidian". This is formed when gas bubbles become caught in the lava as it extrudes leaving trace elements which give the materiel its colours.. Main US sources are in North Eastern California. There are four mines:

  • Pink Lady;
  • Lassen Creek;
  • Needles; and
  • Middle Fork Davis Creek.

All four mines are a short distance from SR 395. Obsidian which is older than a few million years is very rare as the glassy structure is easily changed by weathering and.or heat. No Obsidian can be found East of the Mississippi River as the intrusions here are much older than in the western states. Sheen Obsidians are said to be strongly protective. It is claims ed that these beautiful stones bring advantages through life, sharpening the senses and the intellect. Rainbow Obsidian is known as the "Heavenly Eye". It helps to find the root causes of trauma or distress and to cut ties with the past.

Bumble Bee

Found in the 1990s in the base of the still active Papandayan Volcano in West Java Province, Indonesia. The material is not a Jasper, but rather a form of Calcite. The colours come from intrusions of Sulphur, (yellow), Aragonite (white), Orpiment and Realgar (orange) and Pyrite (black). Bumble Bee has yet to be found anywhere else on earth and as a result is extremely rare in  the retail market. It is said to be a talisman which, like a bee, keeps you "buzzing" through your day. It is also said to help to maintain a positive, upbeat view of life and to deal with the stresses of daily life. We have a small quantity of Bumble Bee and are uncertain as to when we will be able to obtain more.