Opening of Health and Wellness Department

Report of the event courtesy of Big Bear Chamber of Commerce

"Gems of the West Sparkles with Responsive Customer Demand October 12, 2018, Big Bear Lake 

Any successful small business not only listens, but responds to customer requests and demand. It is a quality that has earned local businesses recognition through the Chamber awards program each year. Exemplifying that practice are Gems of the West owners, Janet and Colin Roberts, who just completed their remodel of the existing business to add a brand new crystals section.

"Our customers started asking about crystals and telling us successes with crystal healing properties. We thought, let's research it," said Janet Roberts “ So we extensive online research and talked to customers and fans of crystals to find out more.” The result is a large new section with crystals to address stress and anxiety, depression, love and relationships and wealth and success, among others.

At the Grand Opening of the crystals section adults received a gift bag with a combination of six stones for good luck. The good luck stones represent one of eight different sets of stones each provided with an explanation about the various stone qualities.

As the mineral selenite can quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy, one is included in each bag to cleanse the stones. Customers may choose their own stones and there is now a quiet area in the store for study and contemplation.

As their research pointed out, the stones come with a healing and wellness advisory: "Crystals, stone sets and the information we provide are for the love of healing and wellness. These are intended to be used in the highest and best good to support general wellness or to complement other therapies. They are nor a replacement for regular medical care or counselling. If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own physician and/or other appropriate professional medical advisor. They should make use of crystals, stones or stone sets for general wellness or healing purposes as part of their complete healthcare program."

Janet’s interest in Geology started in High School, exploring the exposed granite batholith of Dartmoor in Devonshire. In their early married life, Colin’s interest in photography drew them back to the moors of southwest England where they lived, where they learned more about rocks and their formation. Janet is a biologist and life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Colin has managed their successful UK business since 1991. Both have a shared passion for western geology and minerals. ~~ Ellen Clarke