BIG BEAR SCARE - The Big Thwack

The Big Thwack at Gems of the West

Saturday October 20th at 6pm

Just imagine it is 4.51 Billion years ago.

You are sitting in an alien world peering out from your space suit helmet. To remove the helmet would result in certain death.

There are is no water; there are no plants, trees or animals, just hot,smoking lava. .

You have arrived by spaceship onto this place called "Earth" from your friendly, comfortable home planet.

As if this was not uncomfortable enough, all of a sudden probably the scariest event in the entire history of planet Earth's 4.6 billion years happens.

Can you survive to return to your home planet?

Come to our store at 6 pm on October 20th to find out all about The Big Thwack.

We will be serving traditional English mulled wine to calm the nerves of adults and lemonade for those under 21. We look forward to meeting you to enjoy being really scared, because these events actually happened!!!