Crystals for Healing and Wellness - Ribbon Cutting

A new Department opens at Gems of the West

The only speciality Crystal Healing and Wellness Centre in Big Bear

 Crystals for Healing and Wellness - Ribbon Cutting by our Assemblyman - Jay Obernolte

 Friday 12th October from 4pm and now open !!

Everyone who attended either a free "Good Luck" bag of stones

Come and see the new section of the store devoted to your crystal healing and wellness needs

Crystals for Healing and Wellness Gems of the West was founded on the scientific ideas which explain how rocks, minerals and gems were formed, sometimes over millions, if not billions of years. Because the concepts of time during which minerals formed are so long, it is sometimes hard to form a picture of how they developed. Nevertheless, where our customers are interested we try to explain the history of the products in our store. However, over the past year it has become clear that many of our customers are interested in the power and effect that minerals, in particular stones and crystals can have on the individual. Beliefs are often quite profound and indeed we have witnessed in our store the sometimes-dramatic responses of individuals to particular stones. We therefore believe that the time has come to set up a distinct department to help customers to find what many are seeking.

 Crystals for Healing and Wellness

After an extended period of detailed research, we have created eight sets of 6 stones. Each set  has a particular focus based on the requests we have received. The sets come with a pouch and a leaflet explaining how each stone in the set helps its owner. We also have a wide range of stones for customers to make up their own sets as well as special crystals such as Lemurian, Vogels and Generators. If you do not see what you are looking for please ask us.

Opening this new section of the store will enable us to focus on the needs and requirements of customers who are searching for stones and crystals to help them on life's journey

Please see our crystals section for more information

If you cannot get to the store we can ship. Please contact us for more details of the stone sets.

We will be opening an online store in late November

email:  (NOT .com)

telephone: 909-878-0415