Meanings of some Popular Stones

Metaphysical Interpretations of the Meanings of Twenty-seven Popular Stones

            Amethyst              The Bishops Stone and Beacon of Light

            Aquamarine          The Stone for Traveler Protection, The Stone of Tolerance

            Aventurine             The Stone of Opportunity

            Astrophyllite          The Marriage Stone, promotes fidelity, truth and honesty

            Black Obsidian      The Stone of Protection and Intuition

            Black Tourmaline   The Stone of Creativity, Intellect and helps with Clumsiness

            Bloodstone             The Stone of Courage, Vitality, and Creativity

            Blue Lace Agate    The Stone of Child Protection

            Carnelian                The Setting Sun, The Life Force Stone

            Citrine                     The Merchants Stone, The Money Stone

            Clear Quartz           The Healing and Master Crystal

            Copper                    The Feel Better mineral which boosts the attributes of other stones

            Fluorite                   The Stone of Mind Focusing, Creates Order from Chaos

            Hematite                 The Stone of Strength, Love and Personal Magnetism

            Labradorite             The Stone of Mental Sharpness and Scientific Analysis

            Lapis Lazuli            The Stone of Mental Endurance and Creative Expression

            Malachite                The Midwifes Stone, The Stone of Transformation

            Moonstone             The Stone of Wisdom

            Pyrite                      The Stone of Leadership and Protection

            Red Jasper             The Stone for Illness Prevention

            Rhodonite               The First Aid Stone, in Europe its known as the Eagle Stone

            Rose Quartz            The Heart Stone

            Rutilated Quartz     The Venus Hair Stone, The Stone of High Energy

            Selenite                   The Stone of Cleansing And Youthful Appearance

            Smokey Quartz       The Stone of Stress Relief

            Sunstone                 The Stone of Vitality, Abundance and Longevity

            Tiger Eye                 The All-Seeing, all Knowing Stone

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