Crystal Sets for many situations

Ten Crystal Sets....designed to meet the problems we all face along life's way

Chose from one of our beautiful sets of stones, or build your own set from the many stones which we have available.

Feeling lost or depressed – includes stones which encourage vitality and self- worth as well as those which absorb negative and bring sunshine into our lives.

Seeking wealth or success – valuable when starting a new job, business or venture. Includes the Shamrock or “good luck” stone and those which attract money along with wisdom.

When stressed or anxious we all need “me time” – this pretty set of stones are designed to be calming and grounding; transforming negative energy to positive. Known to be great for meditation.

We all need courage and confidence to face our fears – stones which block, absorb and repel negativity, creating balance and harmony by regulating emotions.

Protection from many forces and building strength – includes the “Bishop’s Stone” with thousands of years of history; a protective shield; and a cloak for the energy signature which brings order to chaos.

Love, romance and happy relationships – stones which open the heart, attract everlasting love which encourages compassion in all relationships.

Help and Support for Childbirth - stones will help to allay natural worries and help to develop that bond between you and your child

The importance of spiritual growth and emotional healing – includes one of the most powerful healing stones as well as copper, the amplifier also the crystals for cleansing, unconditional love and inner peace.

The New Baby has arrived – now you want to provide the best start in life: comfort, protection with peaceful sleep and happy dreams.

We all desire Happiness linked to positivity – after negativity is destroyed comes abundance, light, passion, creativity, spiritual energy and a lust for life.