The Power of Copper

The Power of Copper

Copper in healing and Wellness

From  the opening of Gems of the West start we have offered beautiful copper splash pieces made in a small family workshop in Phoenix Arizona. The development of our new Department has led us to have look at the role of copper in Healing and Wellness.

It has long been known that Copper is crucial to physical health.

It works with iron to enable the body to form red blood cells.

Copper is known to have anti-bacterial affects

It helps to maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and supports the immune function.

Copper has a long history with man having a whole age named after it – bronze is copper with about 12% tin and formed the basis of the Bronze age. 2,100 BCE to 750BCE represents the first-time people worked with metals and the early features of civilization appeared in Western Europe.

Around the same period Bronze was discovered by the Moche people in South America and was brought northwards by the Incas.

While care must be exercised in taking Copper as a supplement, Copper poisoning is a possibility, however, there is no such risk in wearing Copper, in using Copper in meditation or carrying the metal to assist with healing and wellness.

Our amazing artist Kristi Khali creates beautiful Jewelry from Copper which can be worn to enhance the benefits which Copper can bring.

There is evidence that our ancestors from the times of the Incas and in the early Bronze Age wore Copper for its benefits. Copper amulets, bracelets and other Jewelry have been found in graves excavated by Archaeologists across the world.

The internet is awash with claims and counterclaims for the value of Copper used in this way, some saying this is merely folklore, others quoting “scientific” experiments.

The sheer longevity of the use of Copper would seem to support the view of many people that it can help in many situations. Indeed, current TV advertisements indicate the benefits of Copper laced pads for athletes. So on balance there must be some value in using and/or wearing Copper to help with some conditions.

In Healing and Wellness Copper is a conductor of energy that stimulates physical energy in the body; Amplifies the body's  natural healing energies; Encourages Encourages the release of repressed anger. It is also said to amplify the healing properties which each particular stone or crystal can bring. We are therefore offering:

  • Copper bracelets to wear that our ancestors have done over thousands of years;
  • Copper  same way as our ancestors pieces to add to your bag of stones;
  • Copper splash pieces to bring  the benefits of copper to your home
  • Copper jewelry which combines the benefits of copper with outstanding handmade jewelry