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Crystals for Health and Wellness at Gems of the West

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After an extended period of detailed research, we have created eight sets of 6 stones. Each set comes with a pouch and has a particular focus based on the requests we have received. We have been careful not to use one source of meanings for the stone sets. Not all sources agree on the meanings and value of individual stones, so we have sought consistency in our selections.

In every case the stones selected to be included in a set are based on at least three separate sources of evidence. This means that our customers can have confidence that stones have been selected using sound evidence from a range of sources. Each set will come with a leaflet which describes each stone’s unique properties to help you understand your stones more deeply.

Because Selenite is one of the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy its use can help you to cleanse your stones. All of our sets will include a piece of Selenite so that the stones come cleansed and ready for use.

The new products will mean that customers can find what they are looking for without needing to research as they look around the store.

Of course, there will be those who will want to put together their collection to meet their own particular needs. So, there will be loose stones and crystals for you to make your own collections for specific purposes.

There will also be a quiet area in the store for study and contemplation.

While it is never possible to guarantee that any given approach to healing and wellness will work. We are offering a unique approach which many of our customers have requested. The stones reflect a belief in their power to heal and fundamentally affect the lives of those who own them.

Our first eight sets are:

Love and Relationships - Each crystal has its own unique properties to help the physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with your partner. For those looking for love, these crystals will help to heal your own emotional state to create a balanced spiritual energy that is ready and open to finding love.

Wealth and Success -  These crystals were specifically chosen for their unique properties in encouraging wealth and success in all aspects of your life. The combined energy of these crystals create a confident, positive spiritual energy that encourages prosperity. Stress and Anxiety These crystals provide a natural remedy to the constant stress and anxiety we experience in everyday life. Each crystal promotes a unique property to help soothe your mind, body, and spirit.

Stress and Anxiety - These crystals provide a natural remedy to the stress and anxiety we experience in everyday life. Each crystal promotes a unique property to help soothe your mind, body, and spirit.

Happiness and Positivity - These crystals all contain unique properties that promote positive energy and happiness. They will help fill your spirit with light and joyful energy that will spill over to all areas of your life.

Courage and Confidence - These crystals each possess properties that encourage confidence and inspire courage to overcome obstacles and face your fears. Their combined energies work together to bring out the courageous spirit within and inspire self-confidence.

Strength and Protection - These crystals were chosen for their unique properties in protecting against negativity and encouraging strength. Their combined energies work together to bring out inner strength and to protect against negative outside influences that threaten to harm you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Depression - These crystals all contain healing properties that specifically help to alleviate depression. Their combined energies work together to help allay feelings of sadness interfering in your everyday life.

Spiritual Growth and Emotional Healing -  These crystals have properties that promote the healing of past emotional trauma while promoting spiritual growth. Their energies work together to encourage the release of emotional pain that may be keeping you from moving forward. They help to heal emotional scars while encouraging spiritual growth.

More stone sets coming later in the year. We welcome ideas from our readers.

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A Word of warning

Crystals, stone sets and the information we provide are for the love of healing and wellness. These are intended to be used in the highest and best good to support general wellness or to complement other therapies. They are nor a replacement for regular medical care or counselling. If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own physician and/or other appropriate professional medical advisor. They should make use of crystals, stones or stone sets for general wellness or healing purposes as part of their complete healthcare program.